Kaufland is testing Hyprint temperature tracker for use in sample management

We are pleased to announce Kaufland Deutschland to be our next prominent customer in the field of food safety!

Neckarsulm, december 9th, 2022  – It was a cool collaboration in several ways. Kaufland was able to gain further insights into the temperature changes in its refrigerators, the Heidelberg startup HyPrint was able to gather fresh impressions in the retail grocery sector, and the food banks were able to reliably obtain impeccable products after their use in Kaufland’s sample management and module hall. For several weeks, Kaufland relied on HyPrint’s smart cards in its Neckarsulm headquarters. Equipped with shelves like a store, the purchasing department there has the opportunity to check the product presentation. In addition, products are tasted, photographed, measured and weighed. Once the ranges have been accepted, the products go to the food bank. However, only products that have not left the refrigeration chain are donated. To ensure this, Kaufland tested HyPrint’s smart logistics solution. Five sensors in the form of check cards were placed on the back walls of two refrigerators to measure the temperature at close intervals over a period of several weeks. This created a detailed temperature log. “We are happy to offer startups with good ideas the opportunity to test their ideas in practice, which of course also benefits us. It is even better when the whole thing is also beneficial for a good cause like supporting the food banks,” says Marie Kolb of Kaufland Digital. When refrigeration must be ensured either stationary or through transport, HyPrint’s self-adhesive smart label system with app and associated cloud offers an efficient solution. The components for the printed cards are almost entirely from the region. “In highly sensitive areas, uninterrupted quality assurance must be ensured. Our system helps to reliably log and document the required data,” says founder Andreas Laib. In the future, HyPrint sensors will be used permanently in Kaufland’s sample management and module hall refrigerators.

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